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How to Approach an Office Move with Your Technology in Mind

How to Approach an Office Move with Your Technology in Mind

One of the biggest signs that your business is doing well is that it is growing. When it starts to grow, you might notice that your office suddenly feels a little cramped. While moving an office can be stressful, it is often necessary to ensure that your company can continue to flourish. From an IT perspective, it can be even more challenging.

We’re here to help make the process as easy and stress-free as possible with three of the most important considerations for moving your IT infrastructure.

What Does the New Location Look Like?

First, we will consider what there is to work with at your new office location. Does it have an existing infrastructure, and how can you use it to your advantage? Consider factors such as Internet connectivity, network infrastructure, and electrical wiring that can support your business’ technology. You’ll want to consider things like access points, electrical sockets, and how you can effectively cable your in-house network and infrastructure to support your networking needs.

What Can You Afford to Leave Behind?

While you might be focusing your efforts on what to bring with you from your current infrastructure to your new one, it’s equally important to consider what you might not need or what you can consolidate to save on time and resources moving forward. You can use this approach to improve the efficiency of your current hardware and software, and the cloud can do wonders through the likes of virtualization. The cloud also provides many other benefits, such as scalability, flexibility, cost savings, and so much more, while also making remote work more of a possibility than ever before. Simply put, you have just as much to gain by considering what you don’t bring with you to your new office as you do considering what you do need.

What Can You Do Right Now to Prepare?

You never want to go into a relocation without a plan, especially for IT. You should take a full inventory of your current systems and what you are going to bring with you, but this is only the beginning. You will also have to consider coordinating the disconnection of current systems, transportation of them, and the reinstallation of servers, computers, networking components, and so on. And, of course, you’ll need to ensure access to all of your mission-critical data systems and software applications at the new office location. It helps to work with a managed service provider like DLC Technology to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible with minimal disruption to your operations.

Give Us a Call to Learn More

If moving your business’ technology infrastructure to a new location sounds stressful (and it should), know that you don’t have to do it alone. With DLC Technology by your side, you can do it quickly, painlessly, and efficiently. Learn more by calling us today at (856) 983-2001.

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