Technology Architecture Services

Technology A&E Design and Installation Assistance

Designing a new space is exciting.
Understating your technology needs is common.

Integrate your technology into the Design Development Phase - way before the first hole is dug.

Technology Architecture and Engineering Services

The design of a building is a daunting task appropriately left to architects. However they don't know your business. They aren't technology experts either. DLC Technology works as part of the team to create and integrate your visionary technology design directly into the Schematic Design and Design Development phases of the Architect's plans for your building project.

DLC Technology provides a number of services around the building of new construction, or the refit of existing office space. Starting with a visionary design, DLC will work to ensure that your technology is implemented as part of construction, greatly reducing cost. When coupling this with our Advanced IT Management Solution DLC can ensure that all your technology works seamlessly both when the doors open and for the years to come.


Architect/Construction Assistance

  • Create a visionary technology plan
  • Integrate with architects in the design phases
  • Ensure proper spaces and pathways for technology
  • Detailed design of Data Centers, Server Rooms
  • Structured Cabling Design

Structured Cabling

  • Structured cabling systems design
  • Cabling Installation
  • Overhead Paging
  • Outside Plant / Specialty
  • (includes Fiber Optic, CAT5e/6/7 copper, coax, and other speciality cabling)

Telco Vendor Management

  • Telecommunications Vendor Management (for voice/phone lines, internet circuits and direct point to point connectivity over a WAN or MAN)
  • Bill Analysis
  • Cost/benefit Analysis and Vendor Price Comparisons
  • Installation, migration and ongoing management of vendor solutions
  • Design of building demarcation points

Network Services

  • Wireless Network Design and Installation
  • Core Network Design and Installation
  • vLAN design and traffic prioritization
  • Centralized Management
  • Guest Network / Hotspots

Security Camera Systems

  • Indoor and Outdoor HD Camera solutions
  • Integrated DVR solutions

Door Access Control

  • Integrated door access control systems
  • Keyfob, biometric, and code based single or multi-factor security
  • Integration design with other building systems (fire, security, etc.)
  • Multi-door, multi-site with centralized management

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