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There are two things you should know about network security... that you make the right decisions about choosing your consultant.

The day in which a firewall was all you needed has passed. Today's attacks utilize multiple approaches simultaneously and focus on what usually is the weakest link - the end-user! These are the sophisticated intrusions that can rob your confidential data and cripple your business. DLC has direct experience in building the layered, in-depth security strategy you need to defend against these business-ending threats.

Second, security can't be the only goal. Your network exists to increase your productivity. Too often, inexperienced technicians create more problems than they solve by "over securing" the platform, using methods that impede the actual usability of the network.

DLC implements a tailor-made blend of security tools so that your network can contribute to your businesses' growth.  We call this vXarch - The secure, extensible technology architecture for business.

Learn more about vXarch by clicking here.

If it seems like our approach might work for you, give us a call. We will introduce you to our approach to achieve the protection you need.

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