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vXarch Overview

Building upon our Advanced IT Service Package, vXarch is a constantly evolving system of technology components, policies, processes and services aimed at providing appropriate and necessary cybersecurity protections.

Always Evolving

Threats to your business are constantly evolving as are the technologies and best practices to defend your business. We realized it was impossible to develop a single solution that could remain static yet protect for years in the future. As such, vXarch is built as a dynamic set of protections that evolve over time. In order to maintain a sense of understanding as things change, all of our solutions are versioned with the year and quarter in which they were developed. As needs change, you will be updated to the newer version of vXarch as appropriate and required to protect your business.

The components in the chart below are for illustrative purposes and reflect our 2022.03 version of vXarch.

vXarch Logo

Advanced IT Services Package

vXarch Tier I

vXarch Tier II

IT Management and Support

Next Gen Protections

Encryption, Patching, Backup, Disaster Recovery

Awareness Training

Email Encryption

Multi-Factor Authentication

Third-Party SOC

Network Detection and Response

Log Retention, SIEM, SOC

Vulnerability Scanning and Remediations

Cloud Connectors to SIEM

Additional Tools

End-User Password Management

Reporting Solution

Process Ringfencing

Application Control

Advanced IT Service Package

Layer 01 (Base)


  • Assigned vCIO
  • 24x7 Support Team
  • Unlimited Support Included
  • Project Team as needed (billed seperatley)


  • Planning/Budgeting
  • Technology Management and Monitoring
  • Employee Awareness Training
  • Email Simulated Phish Testing
  • Compliance Assistance*(HIPAA, ISO, 27001, etc)


  • Next-Generation Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware, and Crypto Protections
  • Automation systems for monitoring, management and Windows patching
  • Network management tools
  • Employee knowledge management tools
  • Email Encryption and Protection
  • Mobile Device Management
  • Device Managed Encryption
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions
  • Next Generation Firewall/VPN
  • Multi-Factor Authentication and SSO Solution

Q: What if I don't have the Advanced IT Service Package today?

A: The Advanced IT Service Package is the required foundation for vXarch. We will customize an Advanced Package for you and include it in the overall vXarch solution.

vXarch Tier I

Layer 02


  • Third-party Cybersecurity experts working with the DLC Team
  • Their oversight allows for an independent cybersecurity perspective while DLC focuses on core IT


  • Routine Vulnerability scanning and remediation
  • On Demand and Scheduled Compliance Reporting
  • Log Retention
  • Real-time awareness of anomalies and events


  • Network Detection and Response (scans network traffic in real-time to anomalies)
  • Reporting and Change Detection Solution
  • Log Management and Retention
  • Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) to Third-Party Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • SOC alerts to DLC team in real-time
  • Vulnerability Scanning solution
  • Password Management solution for ALL employees (eliminates insecure, reused and poorly documented passwords)

Q: Why are the Tiers of vXarch versioned?

A: The Cybersecurity landscape changes very rapidly. As such, what is appropriate today may not be tomorrow. Our solutions are versioned to track which solutions set our customers are using, and assist us in keeping them current.

vXarch Tier II

Layer 03


  • A second Third-party Cybersecurity team is added (working with DLC and the primary cyber team) focused on policing the processes that run on your systems


  • This additional team focuses on endpoint processes, ensuring that only specific and expected processes and actions take place on your systems at all times.
  • The team also continually modifies and improves the configuration as needed to support new allowed processes brought on by software updates, upgrades and other environmental changes.


  • Process Ringfencing solution
  • Ringfencing: Only allows each process or program to do what it is should
  • Application Control: Restricts which applications, programs and scripts can run on a given device

Q: Why are there TWO Tiers of vXarch ?

A: Each business has different needs and budgets for cybersecurity protections. As such, the more elaborate (and frankly, costly) solutions have been broken out into their own "Tier II" stack component.

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