Cybersecurity Services

Layered Information Security and Advanced Cybersecurity Services

A firewall and anti-virus just doesn't cut it anymore.
This is a brave new world.

Your technology security approach must be nimble, modern and responsive.

Information and Cybersecurity Services Approach

Bad actors, viruses, malware, scams are bad enough. Blend them with software vulnerabilities, human error, social engineering and outdated IT management practices and you have a recipe for disaster. Everyone on the internet (and everything - even your fridge or your echo device) is a potential target. The only way to keep up is with a modern ever-changing, ever-improving layered security strategy.

DLC Technology provides a comprehensive, layered security approach in all its Advanced Managed IT Solutions.

For customers with more complex or compliance needs, we also offer enhanced security services including a Security Operations Center, Security Information Event Monitoring, and Vulnerability Scanning.

Integrated Security for Advanced IT Management Solution Customers

This section illustrates the various components of our multi-layered security approach. These are typically included in our Advanced IT Management Solution but can vary based on business requirements.

Security Awareness and Compliance

Basic Risk Self-Assessment Guide
End-User Security Awareness Training
Dark Web Scanning Tool
Simulated Phish Attacks/Testing

Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

Comprehensive Backup and Disaster Recovery
Enterprise File Sync/Share
Email Backup and Mailbox Archiving

Email Protection

Email Security and Encryption
Email Backup and Mailbox Archiving

Perimeter Security and Access Controls

Managed UTM Firewall
Managed Secure Wireless
Virtual Private Networks
Mobile Device Management
Multi-Factor Authentication

Data Protection

Managed Device Encryption
Email Security and Encryption
Network Separation / Data Compartmentalization
Network Encryption

Endpoint Security

Advanced Behavior-based Endpoint Protection
Centralized Policy Management
Policy Enforcement/Monitoring
Synchronized Security

Enhanced Security Services / Advanced Threat Protection

When customer requirements demand more, these Enhanced Security Services deliver. Most customers with regulatory requirements may need the services in this section to be fully compliant. As with all of our services, our team works with you to ensure the best possible security posture and approach is built for your organization.

CYBERDEFENSE : Managed Detection and Response

Real-time Internal Network Packet inspection
Log Collection and Analysis (SIEM)
Log Long-Term Storage
24x7 Security Operations Center (SOC) analysis, triage, and alerting
Automated response via DLC Team (for Advanced IT Management Customers)

Vulnerability Monitoring

Automated Vulnerability Scans
Interpreted findings via certified security engineers

Compliance Reporting

Customized Reporting

Advanced Threat Detection

Shared threat intelligence data
Hourly updates of threat indicators
Multi-source; over 200,000 indicators and growing

Breach Detection

Decoy (Honey Pot) system for early indication of activity

A'la Carte Cybersecurity Services

Should you ever need them, project based a'la carte services are also available.

Incident Response

Forensic investigation including creation and execution of an action plan post incident.

The Fox isn't watching the Hen House...

Since DLC Technology is likely your Technology Partner, it wouldn't make sense for us to provide these enhanced and a'la carte security services directly. We work with a trusted third-party Cybersecurity partner to ensure you are getting an impartial third-party view on the state of your IT security posture.

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