Virtual CIO

Executive Technology Management

Allow DLC Technology to become
your Virtual Chief Information Officer.

The Virtual CIO role is key to our delivery of technology management excellence. This role becomes a part of your management team to maintain alignment of your business goals and technology delivery.

Typical Virtual CIO Responsibilities

The Virtual CIO role is very dynamic; adjusting as your needs require. It is the core of the Advanced IT Managed Service coordinating all aspects of technology including your team, DLC Technology's team, and third-party vendors.


Conducts Periodic Business Reviews

  • Ensure technology will continue to support business initiatives
  • Analyze/evaluate workflow
  • Anticipate expenditures
  • Identify risks

Provides Ongoing Management Assistance

  • Annual budgeting input
  • Vendor Invoice/Bill reviews
  • Vendor contract management and negotiation support
  • Comprehensive vendor management

Delivers Technology Advisory Services

  • Emerging technologies
  • Product evaluations
  • Workflow analysis
  • Solutions design and architecture
  • Cost/Benefit analysis

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