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Is Your Team Becoming Desensitized to Your Business’ Cybersecurity Precautions?

Is Your Team Becoming Desensitized to Your Business’ Cybersecurity Precautions?

Password changes, multi-factor authentication, and countless changes in policy and procedure can make daily workflows more and more complicated. Cybersecurity can truly be a pain—a necessary pain, granted—but a pain nevertheless, and one that can gradually lead to burnout if you aren’t careful. Let’s go over how to mitigate the likelihood of it.

Understanding Security Fatigue

Let’s put yourself in the shoes of one of your employees for a moment—although, if we’re really being honest, the following scenario could easily apply to anyone in your organization, including you.

How often have you sighed when asked to create yet another new password, or groaned when a multifactor authentication prompt pops up, when all you’re trying to do is your job? Does news of the next security training make you roll your eyes?

You aren’t alone. Not by a long shot.

The truth is, modern cybersecurity—for all its importance—is a balancing act. While the human element is consistently one of the weakest elements of the average business’ security, the numerous policies, procedures, and protections intended to help mitigate the vulnerabilities your team members contribute to can backfire.

For instance, how would you feel if it consistently became more and more challenging for you to complete the same tasks you had always been responsible and accountable for, without the tasks themselves changing at all? Pretty frustrated, I’d assume, and motivated to do whatever you could to streamline these challenges…going so far as to cut corners or overlook whatever requirements you could get away with neglecting.

This is the phenomenon known as security fatigue—where there is so much emphasis put on security and the safeguards intended to ensure it, that your team becomes disinterested and behaves less securely as a result.

Some Signs that Security Fatigue Has Set In

You’ll want to be on your guard so you can spot some of the warning signs in both your own behaviors and those of your team members. For instance:

  • Have you or your team members grown more lax with your password practices?
  • Are you or your team members prone to connect to insecure networks without the added protection of a virtual private network, even when accessing sensitive accounts and data?
  • Do you and your team keep an eye out for signs of phishing, or are most messages taken at face value?
  • Are work devices commonly used for personal activity?
  • Is IT kept apprised of incidents and issues promptly, or are such things only reported when the circumstances are severe?
  • Do you or your team members frequently use workarounds to bypass your security?
  • Are work devices kept appropriately up-to-date, or have updates been somewhat neglected?

If any of these sound familiar, you may have a bit of onset security fatigue.

How to Correct Security Fatigue

Fortunately, there are a few ways that you can counteract this phenomenon in your business. While we in no way are attempting to minimize the importance of security of all kinds for modern businesses, it is important to also keep in mind that too much apparent security can easily hurt your team’s productivity. Therefore, by helping to take as much off your team members’ plates as possible, through things like automatic patches, remote management, and password management systems, you can better strike a balance between productivity and security without short-changing either.

DLC Technology is here to help you do just that. Let us shoulder your cybersecurity needs so your team can focus more on your productivity, without worrying that you’re left vulnerable as a result. Give us a call at (856) 983-2001 to learn more about what we’ll do, and how you could benefit.

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