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Healthcare IT Services

We are Healthcare IT & HIPAA Compliance Experts
Healthcare is at the heart of DLC Technology. DLC.s employees and associates have specialized in healthcare information technology for a majority of their careers. Darren Crane and Robert Walsh, DLC.s President and Director of Professional Services, have over 50 years of combined IT expertise in the provider healthcare market. This includes extensive experience nationwide at hospitals, health systems, physician offices, clinics and diagnostic imaging centers.
DLC has extensive experience in setting up compliant networks at all levels, from practices to multi-division hospital systems. Not only will we implement a HIPAA compliant IT solution for you, we will train your people in HIPAA procedures that will keep you in compliance. Let's discuss our experience and how our expertise can benefit you.
Business Associate Agreement
We walk the walk. HIPAA compliance is integrated into our daily operations. DLC's internal security, policies and procedures meet the same high standards we deliver for your platform. We act as a Business Associate and will execute BAA's as needed with our healthcare customers. Further, we require BAA's between DLC and all of our subcontractors and vendors that work with PHI.

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